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The care and support you need on your terms — A New Benefit at No Extra Cost to You

What is the AccordantCare program?

The AccordantCare program is designed to help participants find the answers and support they need to manage their health care needs and maximize their overall health status. This specialized education and support program is offered to participants with the following conditions:

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•    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
•    CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy)
•    Crohn’s Disease
•    Cystic Fibrosis
•    Dermatomyositis
•    Epilepsy (Seizures)
•    Gaucher Disease
•    Hemophilia
•    Hereditary Angioedema
•    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
•    Multiple Sclerosis
•    Myasthenia Gravis
•    Parkinson’s disease
•    Polymyositis
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis
•    Scleroderma
•    Sickle Cell Disease
•    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE or Lupus)
•    Ulcerative Colitis


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  • Symptom relief
  • Medication, lab and test questions
  • Nutrition tips
  • Caregiver support

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Dedicated, specially trained nurses

You’ll have a care team available by phone and online whenever you need them. Our total approach helps you stay as healthy as
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A helping hand when you need it. Use the program as much or as little as you like. There’s never any pressure. Our specially trained on-call nurses are available for you 24/7. Ready to enroll or have questions? Call 1-844-961-2621, Monday – Friday, 8AM – 9PM ET. (TTY: 1-800-735-2962)


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible?

All SAG-AFTRA Health Plan participants with any of the 19 conditions are eligible to participate.

Is there an additional cost to the participants?

No. The program is provided by SAG-AFTRA Health Plan.

Why is this program offered for SAG-AFTRA Health Plan participants?

SAG-AFTRA Health Plan knows that improving quality and service leads to better outcomes. The 19 complex conditions that Accordant manages may make up a small percentage of your population, but they cost many times more than common, chronic conditions. Participants with these conditions have a higher hospital and Emergency Room rate and their conditions progress and become more expensive over time. Accordant’s services have been shown to be associated with better health of its members and lower costs and readmissions.

How are participants identified to participate in this program?

Participants are identified via claims data analysis and individual case management referrals. Once identified, eligible participants will receive introductory mailings and calls to enroll in the program.

Is participation in the program mandatory?

Participation is voluntary and members can opt out at any time. A variety of service options are available to meet the unique needs of all its members. Members continue in the program as long as they are eligible and participating with Accordant.

What can a member expect to receive if enrolled in the program?

What are the levels of participation? Members can choose their level of participation in the program. Interactive members are assigned a primary nurse who contacts them at least quarterly to complete a risk assessment and more frequently as needed. Self-directed members receive the same benefits as interactive members except they have opted not to have a nurse contact them on a regular basis.

  • Primary nurse (RN) who specializes in rare conditions and provides ongoing support and education
  • Routine health risk assessments conducted by an RN to identify risk factors, gaps in care and opportunities for optimal self-management
  • Personalized education and monitoring based on individual needs
  • Monthly newsletters focusing on condition-specific self-management strategies
  • Targeted educational mailings triggered by claims-based gaps in care/adverse events
  • 24/7 access to RN specialist
  • Access to patient portal with online resources, educational materials and interactive forums
  • Physician notification of program enrollment and ongoing collaboration on member’s plan of care
  • Psychosocial support
  • Resource assistance
  • End of life/caregiver support
  • Specialized support for health goals
  • Co-morbidity management
  • Case Management/coordination of care
  • Periodic wellness outreach including flu/pneumonia shot reminders

How do I contact the program? Call toll-free: 1-844-961-2621