SAG-AFTRA Health Benefits

Life insurance


To qualify for the life insurance benefit, you must be an Active Plan participant with earned eligibility or have senior performers coverage at the time of your death. The life insurance benefit is not available if you are covered under COBRA, nor is it available to dependents.

If a participant with earned eligibility dies during the period between the base earnings period and the benefit period, the life insurance benefit will be payable (but not accidental death and dismemberment benefits).

Life insurance benefit

The life insurance benefit amount depends on the type of coverage you have:

  • Active Plan earned eligibility – $10,000
  • Senior performers – $ 5,000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment


To qualify for AD&D benefits, you must be an Active Plan participant with earned eligibility at the time of your loss. Your AD&D coverage ends when you lose earned eligibility. AD&D benefits are not available if you have COBRA or senior performers coverage, nor are these benefits available to dependents.

Additional Amount

Loss of life $10,000
Loss of one arm at or above elbow $7,500
Loss of one leg at or above knee $7,500
Loss of one hand $5,000
Loss of one foot $5,000
Loss of thumb and index finger on same hand $2,500
Loss of sight of one eye $5,000
Loss of hearing in both ears (must continue for six consecutive months) $5,000
Loss of speech (must continue for six consecutive months) $10,000
Paralysis of one arm $2,500
Paralysis of one leg $2,500
Coma – benefit becomes payable on the 7th day of a coma $100/month for up to a maximum of 60 months
Brain damage – requires a five‐day hospitalization and brain damage that has persisted for 12 consecutive months $10,000
More than one of the above resulting from one accident $10,000 or the sum of the benefits payable for each loss (whichever is less)