SAG Pension

2021 Pension Summary of Earnings

Between April and May 2022, participants will receive their 2021 Pension Summary of Earnings. The summaries include all reportable earnings received by the SAG-Producers Pension Plan during 2021 for work performed under a SAG contract along with earned  Pension credits and vesting status.

 (To view your summary, log in to your Benefits Manager and go to the Pension Tab, select Statements & Documents then select the 2021 Summary of Earnings.)


1099-R information

There has been a delay in some of the paper mailings of the 1099-R and 1042-S forms. If you have not yet received your form, you should expect to receive it the week of February 14. If you need your 1099-R or 1042-S sooner, electronic copies are available now on your Benefits Manager.

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Pension Verification Letters Due October 15, 2020

Every year, the SAG-Producers Pension Plan mails verification letters to all participants receiving pension benefits in order to verify that payments are being paid to the intended participants. 

If you are currently receiving a pension, you will receive your letter in mid-July 2020. Review the letter, confirm that your information is correct, then sign, date and return it to us by October 15, 2020. If your information is not correct, make all corrections directly on the letter before signing and returning.

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2019 Pension Summary of Earnings

In early April 2020, participants will receive their 2019 Pension Summary of Earnings. The summaries include all reportable earnings received by the SAG-Producers Pension Plan during 2019 for work performed under a Screen Actors Guild contract along with earned pension credits and vesting status. To view your summary, log in to your Benefits Manager and go to Annual Statements, Summary of Earnings.

1099-R Tax Information

The IRS requires pension plans to send participants, dependents and beneficiaries who received pension benefits in 2019 a form called 1099-R. It is used to report the distribution of retirement benefits which includes your SAG Producers Pension Plan, annuities or other retirement plans. In addition, we are required to send notices of tax changes to participants who have a pension that may be impacted. Keep the 1099-R form and any tax change notifications and include them as you prepare your taxes this year. No other action is required.

Your 2019 Pension Summary of Earnings is Coming Soon

In April of each year, we send out a summary of earnings for your pension plan. It is a record of all your reportable earnings received by the SAG-Producers Pension Plan during 2019 for work performed under an applicable Screen Actors Guild (SAG) or SAG-AFTRA contract. Both sessions and residuals are included. This summary does not include earnings for your AFTRA Retirement Fund or earnings that go toward your health plan.

Trustee Statement on the Department of Labor Audit

2018 Trustee Statement Regarding the U.S. Department of Labor Investigation Report

Dear Participant,

The Department of Labor (DOL) has informed the Plans that it will be releasing several redacted documents in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The documents being released are part of the DOL’s comprehensive multi-year audit of the Plans that was completed in 2016.