What is Auto Debit?

Auto debit, also known as ACH debit is a method of payment that allows us to electronically withdraw funds from your bank account using your bank routing number and your account number. You are the only one who can give authorization for an Auto debit to occur, at which time the authorized amount is deducted from your account.

Because they're electronic, Auto debit payments use fewer resources (paper, ink, checks, etc). In addition, Auto debit payments make it easier to keep track of finances. Instead of generic check information on a bank statement, you will see our name if you've used an Auto debit payment.

Making payments with Auto debit makes your life easier. By signing up for the service, you can let things happen automatically and electronically. You're more likely to pay your health insurance premium on time, so you reduce the risk of delays.

Some of the popular reasons to use Auto debit are:

  • No need to remember to make payments
  • No need to write checks
  • No need to get payments in the mail and pay postage
  • Easier to track payments since payee names appear on your bank statement or financial software
  • Easier on the environment

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