Get the 411 on the Measles Outbreak &
Your Vaccination Options

Unfortunately measles, a highly contagious disease which was virtually eliminated in the U.S., is back in the news again after a Southern California outbreak has reached over 85 cases and spread to at least seven states as well as Mexico. Fortunately, the MMR(measles mumps and rubella vaccine) is readily available and, in developed countries like the U.S., children are typically immunized against measles at 12 months. A second dose is usually given to children between the ages of four and five, to increase rates of immunity. Adults who do not have documentation showing they received the measles vaccine or who have had a titer test showing they do not have immunity should also receive the vaccine.

The Health Plan covers measles vaccinations at 100% when received from a network provider, and as noted in the Winter Take 2, the Trustees and the Health Plan increased your vaccination options beyond the doctor’s office. Beginning April 1, 2015, participants and their families will also be able to walk in to participating Express Scripts pharmacies to obtain preventive vaccines, like MMR for FREE! For a complete list of covered vaccines, check out the article in the Winter Take 2.

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